Personalized Memories Through Paintings

One of the best gifts that you can receive is a personalized object, right? And one of the best examples of these personalized gifts is actually painting. This means that you can give your love one a painting that is unique and can even be displayed inside their home or office. But the problem is, you might not be able to find a painter that can easily modify and satisfy your requests. But don't worry because in a world of advance technology, modernization and digitalization, your personalized painting can be delivered in your doorsteps easily.

To begin with, you can find a website that caters to your need. Get more info about Oil Paintings at Paint Your Life.This website can actually provide you with the painting you want whether it is oil painting, charcoal, painting, watercolor, and a lot more. What they will ask from you is a photo that you want to be painted. Once you have decided what photo to paint, you can send the image to them. You also have the option to combine various photos into one single painting or even request for modifications on the color and other details that you want to change or improve.

Once you have decided what photo or photos you would want to be painted, you can now proceed with choosing how your photo is painted using different materials in painting. It ranges from oil paintings, charcoal, pens, crayons, watercolors and a lot more. Click here to Learn more about Oil Paintings. This is very important so that the artist will know what material to use in painting your desired photo. After choosing your painting material, the artist will send you a final draft of the image you want to be painted. You just have to check the new image and approve it before they begin painting. After you approve the image, it is a requirement for you to pay a down payment so that they can begin their painting. You will be updated with the progress of their task. In fact, as part of modernization, live videos can also be shown for you to see how do they it and why they do it.

Once they are done with the painting, you will choose a frame for the final painting so that it will be placed there safely. After that, you will have to pay for your balance and once you have paid it, you can already receive the item that is delivered to your doorsteps even for free. Learn more from

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